Annual and Monthly Ridership

Annual Ridership Reports

Click on the following links to access the most recent annual and monthly ridership reports.

2021 Annual Ridership Report

2020 Annual Ridership Report

2019 Annual Ridership Report   

2018 Annual Ridership Report 

2017 Annual Ridership Report

2016 Annual Ridership Report

2015 Annual Ridership Report                                                                   


2023 Monthly Ridership Reports


2022 Monthly Ridership Reports

2021 Monthly Ridership Reports

2020 Monthly Ridership Reports

2019 Monthly Ridership Reports

    2018 Monthly Ridership Reports

    2017 Monthly Ridership Reports

      2016 Monthly Ridership Reports

        The Regional Transportation Asset Management System (RTAMS) website provides additional Metra utilization statistics including Average Weekday Ridership by Line, Station, and Time of Day and Monthly Ridership by Line.  RTAMS also provides information for the CTA and Pace.