Parking at Metra Stations

Monthly permit and daily fee parking is available at most train stations. However, Metra does not manage parking at most stations. Rather, the municipality in which the station is located usually manages the lots; each has different parking rules and regulations.

Information about parking at each station, including maps and parking contact information, can be found on each station's webpage. Find your station by entering its name on this page. Or, a list of stations by line, with links to parking lot maps, can be found here

If there is no phone number listed for a parking contact, that means that there is only on-street parking or there is no parking available.

SP+ Parking

Parking lots not operated by municipalities or their vendors generally are operated by SP+ Parking. SP+ offers both daily and monthly parking options to meet Metra riders' parking needs. A list of parking lots operated by SP+ Parking can be found here.

SP+ Parking locations accept the following payment methods:

Daily Parking

Cash payments deposited into pay stations or payment box at time of parking. Daily parkers can also use the Parkmobile App.

Monthly Parking

Register online and manage your account via the SP+ Parking website.

Online Payment

The most convenient and timely form of payment for monthly parking is made online here. To make a payment simply enter your “Account Number” and “PIN.” in the Customer Login section on the page.  If you need assistance, please contact or call 888-578-7275.


An alternative method of payment for monthly parking is Pay-by-Phone.  To register, simply call 888-578-7275 or download the App for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile 7. Then, each time you park, make your payment by calling the toll-free number or accessing the app.  Enter the location number and space number and you’re done.  Register here.

Stored Value Debit Cards

Purchase at designated locations valid for Central Parking Metra locations only.

If you have parking related questions and need assistance, please contact Customer Care at 888-578-7275 or email us at

Visit us at:

PassportParking App

Many municipalities that operate parking near Metra stations use the PassportParking app for parking payments. Skip the meter and pay from the comfort of the train. Pay for parking with your phone by downloading the PassportParking app or paying online here.

For more information and a list of locations, click here.