FOIA Requests

Requests for information and public records of Metra may be submitted to any of Metra’s Freedom of Information Officers listed below: 

  • David DeYoung - FOIA Officer
  • Kathleen Haton - FOIA Officer
  • Renee Mazur - FOIA Officer

To contact any of Metra’s FOIA Officers, please email, call 312-663-FOIA (3642), or send via mail to the following address:

Freedom of Information Office

547 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60661

Subpoena Requests

Send all Subpoena requests to the following address:

Metra Law Department 

547 W. Jackson Blvd.
15th Floor
Chicago, IL 60661

or email

Records Available upon Request

The following records may be made available to the general public by contacting the parties identified below and without the need to file a formal request for records to Metra’s Freedom of Information Officer:

  • Bid Tabulations: Geoffrey Urban
  • Ridership Reports:Aaron Maertins
  • Recent open Board or Board Committee Meeting Minutes: Online Minutes (in the Available Archives section)
  • Older open Board or Board Committee Meeting Minutes: Carol Stangle
  • Documents Presented at open Board Meetings: Carol Stangle
  • General Transit Feed Specification: Data
  • General Transit Feed Specification License Agreement: License

Copying Fees

There is no charge for a paper copy of the first 50 pages (black and white) of any documents requested; there is a charge of 15 cents per page thereafter.  For color copies, abnormal size copies, or copies of documents in electronic form that require special media (e.g., CD or DVD) to produce, an additional charge may apply. There is no charge for copies of documents in electronic form that can be produced via a simple email.

FOIA Request Archives

Unmanned Aerial System Operations

Metra Police Policy Manual

2023 Unmanned Aerial System Report