Where can I find information regarding counting DBE participation?

  • Bid Documents/Contract Document
  • Metra’s DBE Exhibit
  • Metra’s DBE Compliance Requirements Section VI Subsection B
  • USDOT Regulations

How is DBE participation monitored?

At the time of bid, bidders are required to submit all DBE participation forms provided in the solicitation package.

After the contract is awarded, Compliance staff audits all contracts to verify the DBE is performing the Commercially Useful Function (CUF) as agreed and requires all contractors to submit vendor payment forms to ensure payment is made to all DBE’s for work completed.

How is the bidder's DBE documentation evaluated?

Schedules A, C and/or D are reviewed to evaluate and determine DBE credit for proposed DBE participation.

  • The Schedules must be completely filled out.
  • Scope of Work and Agreed Price on Schedule A and C must be in agreement.
  • Scope of Work on Schedule A and C must be detailed enough to determine credit.

What other compliance requirements must a bidder/contractor meet?

Required Subcontract Clauses and/or Provisions

  • There are specific provisions and/or clauses that a Contractor is required to insert into all subcontracts, material orders, and/or purchase orders.

Prompt Payment

  • A “Contractor agrees to pay each subcontractor for satisfactory performance of its subcontract no later than fifteen (15) calendar days from the receipt of such payment that the Contractor received from Metra.”

Prevailing Wage

  • Davis Bacon and Related Acts 29 CFR Part 5; or IL Prevailing Wage Act 820 ILCS 130

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action 41 CFR Part 60-4

  • The Contractor shall take specific affirmative actions to ensure equal employment opportunity.

Does my firm have to be certified to do business with Metra?

Your firm does not have to be certified as a DBE to do business with Metra, but only certified DBEs can be used for DBE credit.  However, if you qualify and wish to participate in Metra’s DBE program, your firm must be certified under the IL UCP program.

What if the DBE subcontractor goes out of business, files bankruptcy, or does not perform adequately per contract requirements?

Please refer to Metra’s DBE Exhibit Substitution of DBE Firms Section VII Subsection E.

Where can I locate DBE firms?

The IL UCP DBE Directory provides a reference sourse of certified DBE firms. Click here to view the IL UCP DBE Directory.