The free app is available for Apple users in the App Store or Android users in Google Play.

The safety of our customers is Metra’s top priority. For years, transit agencies across the U.S. have used the slogan “if you see something, say something” to encourage public transit riders to report suspicious or suspected criminal activity. Sometimes, however, making a phone call isn’t the most efficient or safest way to alert authorities. The Metra COPS app gives our customers another tool to keep our rail system and themselves safe.

Metra’s COPS smartphone app is a new way that our customers can quickly and discreetly report crimes, suspicious activity and other safety or security concerns to Metra Police from a train or station. The free app is available for Apple users in the App Store or Android users in Google Play.

With the app, customers can send a description along with a photo and/or video of the issue being reported. The app ensures discretion by automatically disabling the user’s smartphone flash, and can be configured by the user to allow reports made through the app to be anonymous. The app is meant to be used to report safety and security issues on Metra trains and facilities, such as a crime in progress, disruptive or aggressive behavior, suspicious activity, unattended bags or packages, vandalism, panhandling, fare evasion or other concerns.

The app is not intended to be used to report customer service issues, request information during service disruptions or request travel information. Customers seeking information on these topics should click here.

Metra Police dispatchers can respond to the customer through the app, send out advisories and broadcast “Be on the Lookout” alerts to app users. In emergency situations such as a crime in progress or an immediate threat of danger to you, other riders or the transit system, the app provides a call button to directly connect with Metra Police.

If you don’t want to download the app, you can still report issues to Metra police by texting 312-313-9015 or at  Of course, customers can always report safety and security concerns to Metra Police at 312-322-2800 or dial 911 in emergencies.