In November 2017, Metra adopted its first ever strategic plan, titled "On Track to Excellence." This document was developed based on a significant amount of feedback from our key stakeholders: our board, our employees, our riders, and the public. The plan includes five strategic goals that drive the agency's activities over the 2018-2022 time period. The development of the strategic plan and feedback received during that process also helped to shape our Mission and Vision Statements, which the Metra board adopted in advance of the plan in January 2013. 

The concept of pursuing a systemwide Cost Benefit Analysis grew out of Metra's strategic planning process. This study, which presents a high-level comparison of 38 potential projects to improve and expand Metra's system, was completed in January 2019. The systemwide cost benefit analysis included order-of-magnitude estimates of capital costs required for each project and reflects uniform and consistent application of models and assumptions. More detailed studies, which would include stakeholders' input, would be required to advance any of these projects forward.