Welcome to your new metra.com


This new website is the first step in a transformation in how Metra will communicate with you. We are working hard to be My Metra for all of you.

My Metra logo


The design is clean and simple, with an effort to improve the experience for mobile users (who represent two-thirds of our visitors) and, importantly, customers with visual disabilities. The site is in Level AAA compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Recognizing that most website visitors are looking for service and schedule information, links to that information are prominent at the top of the homepage (and, in fact, every other page). Initially, the service information is being presented as it was displayed on the old site. By the end of this year, however, customers can expect to see that information in a new format, which is being developed in conjunction with a completely new and substantially upgraded GPS train-tracking and communications system. That new system will greatly improve Metra service communications.

The remainder of the website is primarily focused on customer-centric content and telling the story of My Metra, with features highlighting riders, employees, history, and behind-the-scenes looks. Transparency is important, so we continue to provide links to data, budgets, reports, studies, news, board meeting information and other important information.

We hope you like our new look.