Metra seeking input about next strategic plan

Publication Date
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Metra launched a survey today to solicit feedback from riders and the public about proposed revisions to its mission and vision statements and about new strategic goals for the agency. The feedback will be used to help create Metra’s next five-year strategic plan.

The survey can be found here.

“With the pandemic happening and greater funding options now available, much has changed in the public transportation environment since the last strategic plan was adopted in 2017,” said Metra CEO/Executive Jim Derwinski. “That’s why it’s more important than ever that we seek the input of My Metra riders as we plot our future course.”

Metra adopted its first-ever strategic plan, On Track to Excellence, in 2017, covering the 2018-22 time period. That plan was written at time when Metra was starved of capital funding to invest in its system and concerned about the inadequacy of its operating subsidies.

Although new state and federal money is now helping to address Metra’s capital needs and federal pandemic assistance is temporarily buoying up its operating budget, those funding challenges remain, and Metra must continue to seek longer-term solutions. And now there are some new challenges, particularly the challenges of bringing riders back and attracting new riders after the pandemic and meeting their changing needs. Metra also needs to address equity and climate change, deliver on its capital projects, attract and retain employees, and pursue ways to gain more control over its complex operating environment.

The new strategic plan will be developed this summer, incorporating feedback from the public and key stakeholders. Metra will then share a draft plan with the Metra Board later this fall and offer opportunity for public comment on the draft. After incorporating feedback on the draft plan, a final plan will be written and presented to the Metra Board for adoption in early 2023.