Metra adjusting Rock Island and NCS schedules Sept. 7

Publication Date
Monday, August 30, 2021

Metra will be adjusting schedules on two of its lines beginning Tuesday, Sept. 7 as many riders begin to return to the office on a regular basis following the Labor Day holiday.

“Since expanding our schedules in July, we’ve been monitoring on-time performance as well as customer response,” said Metra Executive Director/CEO Jim Derwinski. “My Metra wants to be a service that responds to its customers’ needs for convenience, reliability and safety. Many of these adjustments are in direct response to our customers’ requests, and our analysis of ridership patterns and operational performance.”

Rock Island Line Inbound Service:

o    Train 400 will add stops at 95th /Longwood and 103rd/Washington Heights stations due to customer requests.
o    Train 600 will depart Blue Island 10 minutes earlier due to customer requests.
o    Train 404 will depart Joliet 5 minutes earlier to allow transfers to Metra Electric Line trains at Blue Island.
o    Trains 428 and 432 will no longer make stops at Gresham Station.
o    Train 432 will now stop at 95th/Longwood and 103rd/Washington Heights.
o    Train 632 will depart Blue Island 5 minutes later to reduce congestion at Blue Island and change to flag stop at Gresham.
o    Gresham Station will be changed to a flag stop on Trains 512, 514, 516 and 518 to reflect ridership patterns.

Rock Island Line Outbound Service:

o    Train 403 will add a flag stop at 35th/“Lou” Jones
o    Trains 601, 603, 605, 607, 609, 611, 613, 615, 617, 619 and 625 will add running time to their schedules to better reflect operating conditions.
o    Train 513 will depart 5 minutes later.
o    Train 515 will depart 10 minutes later
o    Gresham Station will be changed to a flag stop on Trains 511, 513, 515 and 517.

North Central Service:
o    Outbound Train 101 will add running time between O’Hare and Prospect Heights, arriving at Buffalo Grove 5 minutes later than the current schedule to better reflect actual operating conditions.
o    Inbound Train 112 will depart Buffalo Grove 8 minutes later to reflect actual operating conditions.

The new schedules can be viewed here. Customers are advised to review these new schedules for timetable and stopping pattern changes. All the changes are highlighted.

As the region recovers from the pandemic, Metra will use the following principles for its schedule additions and adjustments: provide consistent and frequent service throughout the day; create easily understandable and memorable service patterns; implement new express service when possible in the peak travel periods; explore reverse-commute and new ridership markets; promote regional equity and create transfer opportunities within Metra and with other transit services.