Metra Tracker has three main functions designed to streamline your commute, and provide you with real-time updates – making sure you get where you’re going on-time:



What makes Metra Tracker better than the old tracking system?

Because we’re installing new, state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices on our trains, provides the most accurate data possible – allowing you to plan your trip before you even leave the house. You can now get real-time updates every 12-30 seconds, which means no more waiting on the platform wondering when your train will come if there’s an unexpected delay.

How else will this data be used?

Data from the new tracking system now feeds into the Ventra app so that it accurately reflects train departure information. The data also is used in automated audio and visual announcements at train stations. And the data is provided to third-party apps that requested it from Metra.

Are there other improvements?

Yes! The upgrade to our train tracking also included a major upgrade to our customer communications system. That means our Train Reporting and Customer Communications (TRACC) Center can more easily and accurately monitor train operations and can more quickly and reliably communicate issues and changes to our customers at home, on trains and at stations. For instance, TRACC Center workers can send texts to trains and platforms that will instantly be turned into audio announcements and displayed on platform signs.

How can I access Metra Tracker?

Metra Tracker can be found at

Is Metra Tracker available for all Metra lines?

Yes! We have completed installation of tracking devices on all lines.