Metra and its COVID-19 Response

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    Metra schedules under COVID

    What schedules are in use ?

    Metra trains on all lines are operating on alternate schedules viewable here. Saturday service is suspended on the SouthWest Service Line. (The line does not have Sunday service, and the Heritage Corridor and North Central Service do not operate on either weekend day.)

    How will Metra adjust service as ridership returns?

    As ridership grows, we are adding cars to trains and trains to the schedule to allow for passengers to physically distance as much as and as long as possible.

    Dashboard showing number of riders per train

    We've created a Ridership Dashboard to help riders know how crowded trains have been.

    Metra fares under COVID

    What’s the safest way to pay my fare?

    While Metra accepts cash as payment for fares at ticket windows and on trains, we strongly encourage passengers to buy their tickets with the Ventra app to limit interactions between crews and passengers. Checks are no longer accepted on trains.

    Are there any fare incentives being offered?

    Yes! Metra is now selling a $100 flat-rate Super Saver Monthly Pass valid for unlimited travel throughout the Metra system. The new pass will be offered through December 2023. CTA and Pace are also selling a $30 Regional Connect Pass to Metra Monthly Pass holders that will provide unlimited rides all month on CTA and Pace with no day or time restrictions. A $6, three-zone Day Pass and a $10 all-zone Day Pass are available only in the Ventra app. Both passes give you a “Touch Less, Pay Less” option to ride trains safely and affordably. Day Passes expire after seven days, so don’t buy them too far in advance.

    Doing your part: masks and distancing, etc.

    Do I need to wear a face covering to ride the train?

    Masks are welcome but not required while traveling on Metra trains. They remain an important preventive measure against COVID-19. We are asking everyone to please be courteous and kind toward your fellow riders and understanding of their needs and choices. This has been a difficult period for everyone – let’s all do what we can to help each other on the way back. Unless you are traveling with family or friends, we are asking you to physically distance as much as possible. And please stay in your seat and do not crowd the aisles or vestibules.

    Will I be able to physically distance from other passengers on the train?

    Yes, there is room for riders to spread out on the train and keep their distance from other customers. As ridership grows, we are adding cars to trains and add trains to the schedule to allow for passengers to physically distance as much as and as long as possible.

    Are there hand sanitizers on the trains?

    Yes. we installed two additional touchless hand sanitizer dispensers on each car.

    Metra cleaning under COVID

    Are cars disinfected every day?

    Yes. Metra cleans and disinfects all high-touch areas (such as seats, seat handles, armrests, door handles, handrails, vestibule posts and handholds) as frequently as possible, at least once a day. We also continue to thoroughly clean and disinfect toilets and toilet areas at least once a day.

    What kind of air filters are used on Metra cars?

    You can breathe easy knowing Metra cars use hospital-grade MERV-13 filters to capture airborne particles and clean the air. And the air is going to get even better  we will soon begin installing a new high-tech air filtration and purification system on its cars. Read more about that new system here. Cars also have fresh air dampers that circulate the air and ventilate the cars to improve air quality and safety. The air on a Metra car is recirculated every 4 minutes.

    What is Metra doing to clean the stations?

    We are cleaning Metra-maintained stations multiple times a week, paying special attention to disinfecting high-touch surfaces. We have also asked the municipalities or other entities that maintain the stations in their communities to do the same.

    Is it safe to ride public transportation?

    Yes. Since the pandemic began, Metra has provided millions of rides, and not a single case of infection has been traced back to riding our trains. But don't take our word for it: Studies have shown no correlation between transit use and infection rates. Read one here.

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